When was the door invented? Simple History Lesson & 5 Modern Types of Doors.

when was the door invented

From Pharaohs to peasants, doors have been around for centuries! Take a journey back in time and uncover how the door has evolved from an ancient Egyptian invention into an integral part of our lives today. Read on to discover when was the door invented and why and how these portal frames evolved over centuries and became such essential aspects of building design. Explore the historical timeline that shaped one of humanity’s most useful features- the humble yet important doorway.

When was the door invented?

The Invention of Doors

Doors have been around for a long time. Paintings in Egyptian tombs date back 4000 years and provide the earliest evidence of doors being used as barriers. The Bible also mentions doors – King Solomon’s temple entry doors were made of olive wood. It wasn’t until around 1000 CE that wooden doors became common in Europe.

when was the door invented

Types of Doors

Over the centuries, many different types of doors have been developed to suit various needs. Here are some examples: 

•  Sliding Doors – These can be found in many homes, especially those with limited space. They slide open and closed on tracks instead of swinging outward or inward like a traditional door. They are great for small spaces and provide more privacy than other doors. 

•  Pocket Doors – These are similar to sliding doors but slide into pockets in the wall instead of on tracks. This type of door is perfect for tight spaces with no room for a traditional door to swing open or closed. Pocket doors also take up less space than sliding doors because there is no need for tracks along the floor or ceiling. 

•  Folding Doors – These are great for larger rooms because they can be opened wide to allow plenty of light and air to flow into the room while still providing privacy when needed. They typically fold back against the wall when open and can be opened from either side depending on which way they’re hinged. Folding doors come in various sizes and styles, so you can find one that fits your needs perfectly! 

•  Bifold Doors – Bifold doors work just like folding ones, but with two panels instead of one, so they can accommodate larger openings than regular folding ones. This type of door is often used as a closet or pantry door since it doesn’t take up too much space when opened and provides easy access to what’s inside when closed. Plus, they come in various styles and materials, so you can find one that fits your décor!  

•  Garage Doors – Last but not least, a garage door is a practical yet stylish way to secure vehicles in the home. Whether manual or motorized, these large entrances provide an automatic and convenient solution for getting your car parked securely indoors.

when was the door invented

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Even though it’s unclear exactly when was the door invented, It’s clear that over thousands upon thousands of years, people have been inventing different types and styles of doors according to their needs—from simple wooden barriers protecting tombs in ancient Egypt to modern-day bifold providing convenience and style today!

No matter what kind you choose, it’s exciting to think about how far we’ve come since those early days when somebody first thought about putting something between two places! Who knows what kinds of ingenious designs future generations will create? It’s certainly an exciting thought! But for now, if you ever need a new door or repair, don’t hesitate to call us, and we’ll come immediately! Our services are available in the Phoenix and Tucson areas!


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